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Safe Foods is committed to ensuring a safer food supply for the world by offering a unique combination of knowledge, service, and solutions.


MARC™ System

The MARC™ System is a unique computer-based system allowing plant managers and our Customer Service Technicians to monitor your plant’s efficacy in real-time.

Latest News

Introducing the MARC System: Food Safety. Simplified.

Between tightening government regulations and an increasing number of intervention points, it seems that food safety management is becoming more complicated every day. In response, Safe Foods has developed the MARC System: a real-time data monitoring, collection, and analysis platform ...

USDA Parts Standards Present New Challenges for Processors

In January, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a new performance standard for poultry parts. The new regulation puts more emphasis on microbial control in second processing, primarily in response to shifting consumer purchase habits. In addition, the ...

The Right Solution for Your Needs

Safe Foods has a number of different solutions to fit your plant’s specific needs.


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