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Ensuring a safer food supply for the world

Safe Foods Corporation was founded in 1999 by a team of entrepreneurs with a passion to ensure a safer food supply for the world by dramatically reducing the number of foodborne illnesses and foodborne illness-related deaths. It’s an immense, incredibly rewarding mission that our team is dedicated to achieving. For over two decades, we’ve worked with food processors around the globe to overcome challenges with innovation, dedication, and passion. Since then, Safe Foods has become a global leader in food safety, and we are just getting started. Exciting challenges lie ahead – new technologies, regions, and businesses. We are looking for the best people to join our team and help us push the industry forward. 


We think that Safe Foods is a unique and special place to work. This specialness stems from the culture we cherish, the values we uphold, and the shared sense of purpose that gives us a common direction. The foundation of Safe Foods Corporation was laid with a desire to be set apart from other companies. The founders wanted to create a culture of belonging; a family with each member having a sense of fulfillment while striving for excellence, in the mission and vision of the company.


Each employee that is hired has key characteristics of the values that Safe Foods has established in the areas of doing the right thing, serving others with passion, leading the way and winning as a team. Safe Foods has adopted internal systems to help edify and keep those values always at the forefront of decisions made as a company.

Community Impact

Our founders had it in their heart for Safe Foods to “do well while doing good.” Safe Foods has had the privilege of partnering with organizations within proximity of our headquarters and around the world through our mission of ensuring a safer food supply.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Stewardship is a key aspect of how Safe Foods approaches business and that includes the way we approach manufacturing our products and providing our services. When the opportunity came for Safe Foods to expand and create an environment of innovation, our leadership team wanted to approach it responsibly taking into consideration the impact our facility and manufacturing process would have our community. Therefore, Safe Foods aligned itself with the LEED Certification process and was awarded a Silver rating and will continue to work towards prioritizing sustainability in our efforts to grow as a company.


As part of the global PSSI family, we’re proud to offer benefits that help you to feel and do your best. We provide a range of benefits, resources and expert guidance to help you to prioritize your well-being. Medical, dental and vision coverage? Of course. We also offer 401k, life insurance, continued education, continuous development and more. 

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Awards & Recognition

2021 HIRE VETS Gold Medallion Award

Presidential E Award for Exports

2020 HIRE VETS Gold Medallion Award

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