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 Safe Foods exists to ensure a safer food supply for the world. We partner with our clients across the globe to reduce food-borne pathogens, meet and exceed regulatory requirements, extend food’s safe shelf-life, and manage food safety costs. To achieve these objectives, Safe Foods employs a unique combination of knowledge, service, and solutions.


The foundation of Safe Foods is a team of food safety experts with decades of experience in all facets of the food processing industry. This team works closely with each of our clients to create an optimized multi-hurdle food safety program that meets regulatory requirements and exceeds the client’s expectations. Safe Foods also empowers our clients with data, letting them monitor intervention systems in real-time with the MARC System


The success of our clients is the top priority of the Safe Foods team. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and then deliver the right solution at the right time. Safe Foods has strategically located our team members so that they can come alongside the plants we serve and optimize their food safety programs through system and process validation. This allows them to identify problems before they occur, reducing downtime and improving performance.


With an assortment of effective antimicrobials and a variety of equipment options, Safe Foods has the ability to develop a multi-hurdle intervention program that is a perfect fit for each client’s plant. We carefully analyze a client’s process to find a combination of solutions that produces the greatest pathogen load reduction possible in each production zone. Safe Foods’ antimicrobial interventions have a track record of being some of the most efficacious in the industry, which is why so many processors partner with Safe Foods to manage their food safety program.

The Safe Foods Story

Safe Foods Corporation was founded in 1999 by a team of entrepreneurs with a passion to ensure a safer food supply for the world by dramatically reducing the number of foodborne illnesses and foodborne illness-related deaths around the world. From the beginning, Safe Foods has been focused on promoting the success of our clients by becoming their food safety partners: providing a superior combination of knowledge, service, and solutions.  

After receiving regulatory approval, Safe Foods’ first antimicrobial technology, Cecure, quickly caught the attention of the food industry and was featured on CBS Evening News. Since then, Safe Foods has developed a well-rounded portfolio of intervention technologies and assembled a team of food safety experts that have the knowledge to apply them in a customized multi-hurdle program that meets or exceeds our clients’ food safety goals.  

Safe Foods has grown to be a global leader in food safety management. We now partner with more than half of the poultry plants in the United States in addition to clients in other food segments and in numerous international markets. Safe Foods continues to find more ways to serve our clients with an emphasis on new product development, whole process management, and unrivaled service. Going forward, Safe Foods remains focused on one thing: ensuring a safer food supply for the world. Join us. 

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