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Innovative Dosing &
Application Systems

Safe Foods’ engineering team has created a broad assortment of equipment options to apply our antimicrobial interventions in an effective and safe manner. Equipment options include dip tanks, spray bars, drench cabinets, augers, and water reuse systems. Each application is custom fabricated to fit a client’s plant layout and includes thorough training before, during, and after installation. In addition, Safe Foods equipment comes equipped with MARC, a real-time monitoring system that enables superior food safety process management.

Our Systems

Fluid Dosing System

Consistent. Precise. Reliable. The Entro delivery module is the most advanced antimicrobial dosing system on the market today.

Spray Cabinet System

Food safety without the headache. The Gen 4 spray and drench cabinet system is ideal for full-coverage antimicrobial applications.

Water Reuse System

Save gallons of water by the thousands daily. The Cyclean water reuse system ensures that processors will use less.

UV Liquid Disinfection

Microbial reduction up to 99.9%. Utilizing advanced ultraviolet technology, Freshlight extends the life and continuously disinfects brines, marinades, process water, and other liquids.

Auger Dip System

Ideal for further processing, the unique design of Helyx ensures the entire surface area of food is exposed to antimicrobial interventions.

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