Lighten your Load

What is FreshLight?

FreshLight is an advanced ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system for reducing bacterial build-up in brines, marinades, and other opaque liquids used for food processing. The FreshLight achieves a microbial reduction up to 99.9%. Using the FreshLight system maximizes the useful life of liquids, saving you time and money.

Freshlight & Your Plant

FreshLight will work seamlessly with your plant. Since it is a self-contained UV system, it will not interfere with the plant environment or present worker safety issues. The FreshLight unit requires minimal space on the plant floor because of its vertical design. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and clean.

The FreshLight Advantage

  • Disinfects brines and marinades
  • 360º coverage
  • Clean-In-Place design minimizes need for cleaning
  • Proven effective by independent research studies
  • Reduces spoilage organisms

Applications for FreshLight

FreshLight Applications