Reduce Pathogens With Citrilow

What is Citrilow?

Citrilow is a GRAS acid solution designed to rapidly produce and sustain a pH range that effectively eliminates pathogens. This is important as it allows more time for antimicrobial activity. Citrilow’s unique formula means lower concentration of acids are necessary for the desired pH level, which translates to a more cost-efficient process.

Citrilow & Your Plant

Citrilow fits the plan for your plant. It can be applied with an auger, dip tank, spray bars, or drench cabinet. Our food safety experts customize each Citrilow system to meet your specific parameters and goals. In addition, Citrilow has no off-gassing and presents minimal worker safety issues.

The Citrilow Advantage

  • Proven effective by independent research studies
  • Provides inexpensive and superior pH management
  • Minimizes organoleptic concerns
  • Available as drench, drip, or spray
  • Broad approval for various foods